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Soil erosion observed in Jordan

Soil erosion observed in Jordan

What have we observed in Jordan last week?

During our last field trip in Jordan, Acacia Water observed soil erosion during a rain-event. Soil erosion is a major problem faced by farmers and land managers worldwide, especially in areas with sloping land and eratic rainfall.  

One low-effort and effective solution is contour ploughing. This technique involves tilling the soil along the contour lines of the land, creating a series of small ridges and furrows. By doing so, water is intercepted and slowed down as it flows downhill, reducing the impact of rainfall on the soil and allowing water to penetrate deeply into the soil.

Together with INWRDAM and IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, we are working on practical solutions to conserve land and water. Promoting proper land management is part of this. By implementing contour ploughing, farmers can take a first step to ensure that their land remains productive and sustainable for many more generations to come.

Follow us to stay up to date with our work in Jordan! More to come...

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