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World Water Day 2023!

World Water Day 2023!

World Water Day 2023: the moment to unite the world around water.

The pressure on water resources is increasing worldwide due to strong population growth and climate change. Oftentimes it is not an issue of water availability, but water mismanagement that lies at the root of the problem. When it comes to water governance and policy making, different parties often find themselves at opposite sides of the debate.

Our message is one of hope: the combination of viewpoints with hydrological analyses of the local situation results in well-founded, practical, and widely accepted solutions. In this way, Acacia Water ensures that policy that is shaped on a high-level, is translated into relevant, effective, and transformative solutions on a local level.

We believe that everyone in the world has the right to clean, healthy and safe water. We support and develop initiatives to make impact towards this goal, such as:

  • Groundwater Mapping for Climate Resilient WASH: A novel approach to map groundwater prospect zones shows potential to significantly increase ground water drilling success rates and, by extension, ensure access to safe and sustainable water for the drought-affected people. Contact:
  • Trust 2 Impact: We can help active local entrepreneurs to rapidly scale their work by providing funding, data, and science-based tools to enable them to take a systemic approach to making regenerative interventions in the water energy & food nexus. Contact:
  • Water Footprint Compensation: The objective of Water Footprint Compensation is to provide businesses and practitioners with a method for planning and implementing investments in water replenishment, restoration or protection activities carried out with the purpose of compensating for water consumption or pollution. Contact:


World Water Day 2023! -  Acacia Water
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